Truck Rental for Moving

Truck rental for moving

Renting your own moving truck can be a great money saver — as long as you’ve got a lot of friends and small army of family to help with the heavy lifting! Follow these easy steps to rent a moving van or truck and use it for a comfortable move.

Take inventory

The first step in renting is to take inventory of what you have to move. Start by decluttering your apartment. Don’t pay to move anything you won’t want or need at your new apartment. Trash or donate your unwanted items now before they get in the way or cost you money to move. If you create an accurate inventory of all things you need to move, it’ll be easier to estimate the size of truck you need. Go through your apartment and make a list of all large items, such as pieces of furniture. Calculate how many small, medium, and large boxes you think you’ll need to pack up all your possessions to move in your truck.

Estimate truck size

When you know what you’re moving, it’s easier to estimate what size truck you will need. In general, you need to allot 125 to 150 cubic feet of space in the moving truck for each room in your apartment. You can also use these general guidelines:

  • 10-foot truck: One-bedroom small apartment (approximately 350 cubic feet)
  • 15-foot truck: Two-bedroom apartment (approximately 750 cubic feet)
  • 20-foot truck: Three- to four-bedroom apartment (approximately 1,250 cubic feet)
  • 25-foot truck: Five to eight bedrooms (approximately 1,550 cubic feet)

Make a reservation of truck

Once you know what size truck you need, you can make a reservation. But before, you’ll need to give the moving truck company several pieces of information: To make a reservation, you’ll need to give the company several pieces of information:

  • Your moving date
  • The size moving truck you need
  • A major credit card number to hold the reservation
  • Whether your move is one-way (out of town) or local

Moving truck companies are busiest at the beginning of the month and during the summer season. Beat the rush and ensure you get the date and truck you want by reserving early.

Purchase additional moving supplies

When you make your truck reservation, you can also rent additional supplies like furniture pads, dollies, and furniture movers. You may think you don’t need them, but these inexpensive accessories can make your move a lot easier. Using a dolly for large items can help save your back, which in turn can give you more energy to finish your move faster.

You may choose to purchase additional moving truck insurance to cover any damage incurred to the truck during the move.

Know what’s required
When moving day rolls around, make sure know what you have to do before you return the rental:

  • Where can you return the truck?
  • What time do you have to return the rental?
  • Do you have to fill up the gas tank before you return it?
  • How much will you be charged per mile that you have driven the truck (if applicable)?

You could incur additional charges if you don’t follow the requirements in your moving truck rental contract, defeating the purpose of trying to save money with a self-service move.