The Right Way to Pack a Box

Getting from your old place to your new apartment shouldn’t be that hard, but when you’re uprooting your entire life, relocation can be stressful so, if you’re not careful, damaging to your belongings. The key to your stuff’s survival is packing things correct the first time in the right box.

The basics
There are several key things to remember when you pack a box:

Make sure to reinforce the bottom of your box — especially if you obtained it already unstable, — with packing band. This will prevent your items from breaking through the bottom during transport. Make certain you fill each box that you plan add together under other items being moved. If you don’t, then heavier boxes stacked on top of it can crush the lid and damage the items inside. It also makes for sturdier moving, as it will help prevent boxes from moving during transport. Always put the heavier items first so they don’t crush lighter, more fragile belongings. Fill in the crevices of boxes with fabric items, such as socks or dish towels. This helps reinforce the box’s sides and keep items from shifting during the move.

Organize while you pack

Taking a few extra minutes while packing up all the boxes can save you a lot of search time later when you need to find a specific item. An easy trick that will save you time later is to group similar items together. Clearly label the box — or boxes, if there is overflow — and not only will you save time later when you need to find them, but unpacking will be a breeze because you’ll unload all of those items at once. Not only should you group like items together, but another simple organization trick is to bag up or box smaller things like flatware while still in its tray before putting it in a box. This also works for other small items, such as office supplies and remotes. It’ll prevent those items from shifting during transport, and by keeping silverware in the tray, unpacking is simple.

Mind the heavy stuff

All your planning will be for naught if you don’t take the precaution of protecting your fragile items and dealing with heavy belongings like books. Firmly pack the boxes, make sure your boxes are no heavier than 30 to 50 pounds — certainly no more than you can carry — and reinforce the boxes with packing tape to prevent the carton from breaking.

But heavy items aren’t the only concerns you should have. If a heavy box tips over during transport, for instance, it can land on a carton full of fragile items and crush them. It’s best to [wrap up fragile items[ Link to: Essential Packing Supplies for a Successful Move with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or newspaper to soften them and keep them from the sides of the boxes.