Managing the Stressful Details of an Apartment Move A Few Pointers

Are you having a tough time juggling all the details of your life Moving will only make things more challenging! Coordinating moving details while managing your life can get a little tough, but here are a few pointers to make it a little easier and help keep things in perspective.

Double time it
As you organize your moving schedule and plan how, what and when everything must happen, build in extra time for delays. Moving tasks often take twice as long as you expect. If you think you can unpack your two bedroom apartment in three days, then expect it to take six. If you anticipate things taking longer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the chores that go by more quickly than you thought they would.

Set goals
One of the moving details that many people underestimate is just how much planning is required for packing and unpacking an apartment. If you start these tasks without a strategy, they may overwhelm you. No problem, then just make a plan, right You can decide to tackle one room a day. Or organize similar tasks together for each day, things like dealing with closets, organizing artwork or assembling your new kitchen. Setting goals helps you know when to stop for the day – and what’s on tap for tomorrow.

Plan strategic breaks
Moving to a new apartment and reorganizing your personal belongings can be emotionally and physically draining. You may be physically pushing your limits by lifting boxes and making movements your body isn’t used to. Figuring out where things are supposed to go and what needs to be thrown out or donated can be mentally draining, as well.

It’s wise to organize your packing and unpacking tasks so that you work in manageable blocks of time, like two hour spurts. Take a meal break or go for a walk every couple of hours. Then you’ll be ready to dig in again with a clearer head.

Party — and then expect to check out for a bit Juggling life during an apartment move can wear you out. If you are moving to a new city or state, this can be extra stressful because your friends want to spend time with you before you leave. And once you move, fulfilling social obligations, for instance, can be an unwanted distraction when all you want to do is hunker down and settle in to your new home.

Before your move, do your best to honor your transition and spend a little time with the folks you may be leaving behind in your old town. Plan a party and celebrate your friendships. Ask friends and family for their help with your move, however this might be feasible and appropriate. You might also communicate that, during your move itself, you might need to check out for a bit. Let them know that you may not be responding to emails, texts and voicemails as quickly as usual. They’ll understand and cut you the slack you need.

Do dinner out You may be the best cook in the world, but trying to prepare meals in your kitchen during the three to five days before and after you move can be difficult. So surrender, and dine out! You can make some family fun by letting everyone pick their favorite restaurants or take out. Knowing ahead of time that you won’t have to prepare dinner might make the rest of your move a little less stressful. When you are juggling life and an apartment move, be especially kind to yourself. Your life will soon be back to normal, with just everyday stresses to contend with and not the hassles of a big move. Your new apartment will, in time, feel like your new home.

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