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Make the Most of an Interstate Move

If you are moving to another state, moving plans can get tricky — especially when the move is long-distance or cross-country. On the flip side, an interstate move can be fun if you add in some sightseeing and vacation-type activities along the way.

Before you load up the truck and hit the road, here are a few ideas that might help you manage your interstate move.

How will you roll
Long-distance and interstate moving provide you with more options (and challenges) than in-town moves. When you are preparing for a long-distance move, you need to know how you are going to transport your belongings. Less-expensive options may include renting a truck and driving yourself, possibly with a car in tow. Or you can hire a company for moving to pack up your appartment or house and let you enjoy a more leisurely flight or drive to your new home.

There are many ways to slice and dice your moving strategy to make it work for you. Your best bet, if you call moving companies, is to ask for advice, get details about their services and learn about their rates. Once you find a reputable moving company that you feel comfortable with, you can continue creating your moving plan.

Make your timetable
Now that you’ve decided how you are moving, you can start to create a realistic timetable. You know the estimated date that your truck will arrive at your new home, so figure out how long you have to get there. If you are flying to your destination, go ahead and book a place to stay when you arrive. Always have a backup plan just in case your moving truck gets delayed.

If you are spending your move time enjoying a little road trip, go ahead and map out travel times and destinations so you can make sure you will be at your new home before or around the time your mover arrives. One other consideration if you are driving yourself in a rental truck, plan to stop at hotels and locations that can accommodate a large vehicle. The name of the game is “no surprises.” If you plan well, all should go more smoothly.

Notify the authorities
You’ve got a great trip planned for your move, and you know exactly when and where you need to be. For a final courtesy, notify your new apartment community about your arrival date and reserve parking spaces and elevators that will make your move easier. Letting them know in advance will help you build a good relationship with your apartment manager.

You should also set up your utilities in advance so you can be comfortable on your first night in your new home. While you’re at it, make reservations for dinner at a local restaurant and celebrate the accomplishment of an interstate move! One final moving tip try to have some fun with your move. Long distance moving can be stressful, so look for creative ways to make it an adventure. On the way, visit a place you’ve always wanted to explore or buy funky souvenirs to decorate your new home. Make your moving experience memorable!

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