Everything to Know About Shipping a Car

When it’s time to make a move, you may already have professional moving services lined up for your household goods, but what about your car? What happens when you need to have a car moved a great distance but there is no way to drive it or have it hauled behind your own truck? The first thing you will need to do is contact, and hire, a reputable car shipping company such as A1 Auto Transport by visiting their website or calling 1-800-452-2880. to handle the relocation of your car for you. When you have a professional transport your car, you can rest assured that it will be handled with secure handling and will remain during shipment.

Aside from moving, there are quite a few reasons that someone may need to have a car shipped from one location to another and these include:

  • Buying a car that is out of state.
  • Selling a car to someone out of state.
  • Taking an extended vacation and having a car delivered.
  • Having an accident or breakdown in another city or state.
  • Taking a classic car to a car show or car related event.
  • No matter what the reason may be, hiring a pro is going to be the best choice for the car when you want to keep it safe during the move.

The Expense of Professional Car Shipping

Sure, some people may try to move the car on their own by driving or even hiring an individual to drive for them, but this puts a lot of wear and tear on a car and can actually be very expensive when compared to the cost of professional auto transport. This can completely ruin a car if you own a classic or other collectible car or a highly expensive luxury or exotic car. Once you factor in the cost of fuel, overnight stops for lodging as well as food and beverages as well as insurance coverage that may need to be extended to cover a new driver, you could be looking at a couple thousand just to drive the car.

A professional car shipping company can usually move a standard sized car from one coast to the other in the U.S. for right around $1000. From the east coast to the Midwest, you can ship a car for anywhere from around $300 to a little over $700 or son depending on the type of car you own as well as the type of carrier used to move it. The rates to ship a car are comprised of not only the overall mileage but also the cost of fuel at the time you have the car shipped, availability of a carrier and the route that must be taken to get the car from one location to the next.

Types of Car Shipping Carriers

A very important aspect of shipping your car is going to be the type of carrier you utilize to ship it. You can usually choose from the following carriers depending on the location and type of car, truck or another motor vehicle that you own: Open Carrier: Generally, this is the most common way to ship a car as well as the least expensive. Vehicles are exposed to the elements which means they may be exposed to damage inducing debris or foul weather along the way. These carriers can move anywhere from one car on a single carrier up to 10 or more on a large multi-carrier. Enclosed Carrier: Typically, this is the safest way to transport expensive cars and trucks including classics and collectibles, exotics, race cars and high end luxury cars. Enclosed carriers are a little pricier than open carriers but since they are sealed on all sides, vehicle owners will have no need to worry about their car being exposed to any of the potentially dangerous elements that can be found with open transport.

Keeping the Cost Down

Did you know that there are actually several ways that you can keep the overall cost of shipping down a little when you need to have a car shipped? For instance, if you are flexible about the desired date that you need to have the car picked up, you can save up to several hundred dollars or more if the car shipping company can work your car in at their convenience weeks prior to or after the date that you provide them. This is especially beneficial if you are planning to ship overseas and have a lower budget for shipping than the quote offered based on the date for shipment that you request.
Using an open multi-carrier or even sharing space inside of an enclosed carrier can help cut costs down as well when shipping via the interstate. Since part of the cost is based on fuel costs, when you opt to share a carrier with others, it can cut down your share of the fuel cost.
Saving money is also possible by shipping more than one car at a time or by shipping a motor vehicle along with a motorcycle, boat, ATV or other type of vehicle.

Preparing the Car for Shipping

Once you have the car scheduled for shipment with the company, you will need to take a little time to physically prepare it for car shipping.

To prepare the car you can do the following:

  • Remove all personal content from the car. This is going to include loose CD’s or DVD’s, DVD or CD players, GPS equipment and all other content inside the car. Department of Transport regulations do not permit car shippers to move anything expect the vehicle. Extra items can cause the truck to be overweight and the driver could possibly be fined.
  • Wash the car. This is for your personal benefit as damage is much easier to see on a clean surface than on a dirty surface.
  • Lower the fuel. The gasoline should not be any higher than a half tank and preferably even no higher than a quarter tank. First, fuel adds weight to the car and second, there is really no reason to have more fuel than this as the car will only be driven long enough to load or unload during shipment.
  • Operational Status. Unless otherwise discusses and agreed upon by the company, your car should be in good operational condition when it is shipped. Inoperable cars can be shipped but you will want to take note that it may cost an additional fee because specialized equipment will be required when the driver picks the car up and delivers it to the new location.

Your shipping agent will be able to provide full details of all other requirements that they have to ensure the car is fully prepared before it is picked up for shipping to the next location. When you are ready to have your car, truck, van or other motor vehicle shipped, be sure to get a quote from A-1 Auto Transport Inc. to ensure that all of your car shipping needs are met by a professional that has the knowledge and experience that you need to ensure safe shipment of your vehicle.