Think Big Ease and Efficiency for Your Upcoming Move

Does the thought of moving stress you out? While it can certainly be a challenge, a move does not have to be overwhelming. If you think “big picture” about all of your moving needs from the very beginning, you can plan an easy and efficient move. Think big about your moving checklist The very first […]

Moving Estimate

Understanding the Moving Estimate

Understanding the Moving Estimate There are steps you can take before you move to make sure you have a written estimate you can trust. Here are some tips on getting (and understanding) the moving estimate from a mover. Find a good moving company The moving estimate won’t get you much if the company providing it […]

A Moving Terms Dictionary

Confused by the language that movers use? This handy moving terms dictionary helps explain the lingo that you’re bound to encounter when you hire pros movers. Accessorial charges: “Accessorial” simply means “additional” as it applies to working with companies. Additional charges are services you request above and beyond the present transportation of your goods. Common […]

Questions to Ask When Hiring Movers in Germantown

Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring Movers in Germantown.

Quick question: how many of your closest friends would you entrust to move all your worldly possessions? Probably even with people you trusted, you’d be nervous about items getting lost or breaking. So you might be even more nervous about hiring movers. There are list of suggestions for questions you should ask. What is the […]

How to Compare Long Distance Moving Companies

Hiring the right pros long distance movers is important. Choose wisely and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable using a pro mover can be. But make an uninformed choice, and you could really regret your decision. Compare moving quotes With a little research, you can find reputable long distance movers. Use these […]

Moving Business

Learn Facts about the Moving Business

This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the better practices of reputable, pros movers so you’ll be able to recognize the companies that will do their best for your move. While you may have heard some stories about consumers burned by unprofessional movers, the reality is that the relocation business is comprised mostly of […]

The Basics of Moving Insurance

The Basics of Moving Insurance

The Basics of Moving Insurance When you prepare for a move, finding a reputable mover is a job in itself. While you shop for the right company, remember that it is impossible to guarantee that all of your property will arrive at its final destination in the same condition it started out in. Damage can […]